I am Back!

 Jeez,it's been,like, FOREVER since I posted anything.(I think I'm going to be using that a lot for my posts.)Who cares anyway? I know I decided to give up the day I no longer gave a damn which would be. . .hmmm, months ago? 
Well, I'm back now and there's NO way I'd be able to write everything down in one sitting. So what should I tell you? . . .
Huh. The very obvious, I suppose. You know how I said I was graduating and all? Well, now, I'm in . . .a school no one would EVER want to go to. I mean, unless you like getting 7 different HWs to do from every class. I'm sure every high schooler's like, well, duh, you should feel this way, you're in HIGH SCHOOL now! But, really? These homeworks take from an hour to three hours depending on how efficient and an  A+ lover you are. 

Now that I'm done ranting about that, why don't we move on to other things, namely. . .books? So, you know, that storyline I had? Yeah, I finished writing it--after rewriting the plot a thousand times. Despite finishing it, I was left unsatisfied because there were, oh, a million other ones or so just like it. So now, I have started another one which I do find quite unique. It involves a girl who lives in NYC and attends a "posh,private" high school where she's able to meet celebrities all the time. But the celebrity she meets is unlike any other. For one thing, she falls in love with him. For another, he cheated his way to fame

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Wow. . .

I haven't written in quite some time! But,as usual, I have nothing much to say. Well,except for a couple of things:
1) I watched Eclipse and,boy,was it the best movie out of all of those movies! (loved the whole jeaousy thing between edward and jacob;they so knew how to act!)
2) I've started writing a story that I think is going. . .well,okay, since I don't know how to explain it. On one hand, I'm loving the fact that it's a great beginning but on the other hand. . .what if it turns into something pathetic? What if my writing sucks?
3) I. . .uh. . . have a blog for my poetry (which I think is way better than my short-story-turning-into-novel work!) that I wish for all you poem-lovers out there to read!

Okay,back to #2. I don't know why I'm writing this but I feel it to be vital. Half of me likes my writing,the other half thinks it's boring. I don't want to have other people reading it because,you know, of criticism and such. But it's about. . .well,first off, it's fantasy fiction,so if you (reader) don't like that then dont  LOOK ANY FURTHER! but if you like fantasy and find it to be a fascinating genre,then please, be my guest and read on. Here's my plot:
Rayne Sinclove (the main character)'s best friend, Sylva Woods, disappears out of the blue,leaving Rayne feeling guilty and hurt. But then, Sylva haunts Rayne's dreams,leaving clues for her to pick up. Rayne uses the clues to find Sylva and once she arrive's at the destination, Queen Shakyra steps in and leaves a scarred betrayal.

There! wellll? 


Okay,it's the first day of summer (not really,it's actually the first day of summer vacation) and I've decided not to sleep in 'til one this year. It's a resolution I made just right now. It'll help me--when I begin the discovery program thing I won't have to drag my half-asleep butt up!!!
Another resolution I made? Not to wallow in self-pity. Thing is, almost every summer, I don't go to somewhere special and do super-cool things so this year, I decided to use my 'powers of persuasiom' to convince my mom to let me go somewhere. Got any places in mind??


AAAAHHHH!!It's done!! I've graduated and picnick-ed and had fun with my fellow seniors with my heart's content! I can't believe it! Time flies by too fast.
Now, I'm a freshman all over again. Soooo annoying I tell you! :)
I went to my little brother's grad today. It was hot,sweaty and boring!!! this guest speaker went on and on and on about how they had the world at their fingertips and how they're brilliant and other bull-poopy. I was,like, get it OVER WITH ALREADY!!!

P.S: Gonna go see eclipse in july. Who's with me??

EWWWW. . .

 Oh,god! I just received the most disgusting,awful ewwwww thing EVER!! My four best buddies are bisexual!!! EWWWWW!!!!! When they told me, I was pretending to be all calm  and cool but inside I was thinking "ugh! that is so disgusting!" It feels soooo nasty!!!

Leaving. . .

Dang it, leaving this school is so hard to do! I'll be gone in a week! (sob)
I cannot believe that the years passed away so quickly. I will be gone in days! It's gonna feel so weird in a new school and with NO friends! Ugh, I wan to cry when I think about it!
Sobs and cries,
wails and smiles,
got to leave you now
so goodbye!

I write such horrible poetry! :) 

Good news!!!

 AHHH! I'm so happy! I got my grades back from my projects and I did AWESOME!! I'm so proud of myself!!! Whooo! Maybe I'll be valedictorian now!! I'm not so sure though.
For English class,we had to "compose a portfolio of the best works we've done" in the time we had the teacher. It was easy so I got a 99%.
For math class, we did something fun and hard. We had to find a murderer by solving the math clues. Fun. On that class, I got a 102%. (Whooo! Highest I got!)
For science, Spanish, and social studies, I got a 100%. Yay! I'm like totally smart now. Whooo-hooo! I'M A NERD AND PROUD TO BE!!!

weird dreams

As if graduating isn't stressful (and blissful) enough, I'm having the strangest dreams in the world. If you had a dream that a popular girl in school is suddenly your best friend and she's suddenly wearing clothesfrom your culture, wouldn't you freak out??
And what if all of a sudden that same girl wants to be YOUR friend??
Freaky, I tell you.